Press Release

Xojo Announces Availability of Xojo 2013 Release 2

Latest update adds enhancements to IDE functionality, web support and documentation

AUSTIN, TX, USA (July 16, 2013) -- Xojo, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Xojo 2013 Release 2, the faster development tool for web and desktop apps. Xojo is a multi-platform, object-oriented development tool that enables developers of all backgrounds to create desktop (OS X, Windows and Linux), web and, soon, mobile/iOS apps. This new release of the popular development tool focuses on quality and contains over 150 changes, including improved IDE functionality, enhanced web support and more sophisticated local documentation.

Based on feedback from the extensive Xojo community, the following changes have been added to this release to improve usability:

  • Over 75 enhancements to IDE
  • 13 OS X Cocoa improvements
  • 56 quality improvements
  • Better Language Reference

“With over 150 changes in this release we continue on our promise of quality to meet the needs and requirements of our development community,” commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo Founder and CEO. “We started Xojo to enable ordinary people to create extraordinary apps. This release continues to focus on that goal by providing quality improvements to streamline developer efficiency, enabling us to deliver the most productive development tool.”

“As someone who doesn’t have developer on their business card, Xojo enables me to accomplish so much more, with less effort, and I really enjoy using it,” commented Dr. Garry Pettet, a UK-based Radiologist and Xojo developer. “The people at Xojo, Inc. are very responsive, engaging and accessible, which is unique for most development tools companies. There has never been a better time to start using this great language!”

"After directly listening to the feedback from their users, Xojo followed up the first release of their new IDE with a robust second release that improves the overall Xojo developer experience,” commented Alwyn Bester, a Xojo developer and Founder of “I find Xojo to be an exceptional tool that I use daily in my software business ventures, and would highly recommend Xojo to any prospective software entrepreneur."

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