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Xojo Announces Availability of Xojo 2015 Release 4; Release Adds Over 100 Improvements

Latest release of popular development tool adds improvements to overall productivity and stability.

AUSTIN, TX, USA (December 17, 2015) -- Xojo, Inc., the company that has enabled over 300,000 developers to build native cross-platform applications, today announced the availability of Xojo 2015 Release 4. Xojo is a rapid application development tool (RAD) for making apps for the desktop (OS X, Windows and Linux), web, iOS, and Raspberry Pi.

Xojo is the best environment for professional developers, citizen developers and hobbyists alike who want to develop for the desktop, web, mobile and Raspberry Pi. Xojo applications compile to machine code for greater performance and security. Xojo uses native controls so apps look and feel right on each platform. Since one set of source code can be used to support multiple platforms, development is ten times faster. Xojo comes with a drag and drop user interface builder and one straightforward programming language for development.

When building web applications, Xojo takes a unique approach by avoiding the complexities of traditional web technologies and instead offering one tool and language allowing developers to create web apps the same way they create desktop applications, resulting in dramatically faster development. Since Xojo compiles applications to machine code, the resulting web applications are very secure.

This release contains over 100 improvements and 5 new features including a new data type, called CGFloat, that makes it easier to create 64-bit Declares for iOS and OS X Cocoa.

"Really looking forward to using CGFloat, it will make it infinitely easier to adapt applications and help modernize them," commented Sam Rowlands of Ohanaware, developer of Cardsmith and Shine (both in Mac App Store). "Now comes the hard part - deciding which app to do first!"

"With this release we took a step away from adding new features to focus on stability and reliability to further improve the user experience," commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo Founder and CEO. "With so many fixes in one release, every user will be sure to find noticeable improvements in their Xojo development."

Xojo 2015 Release 4 includes:

  • Added CGFloat data type to make it easier to create 64-bit Declares for iOS and OS X Cocoa frameworks.
  • The Code Editor is now noticeably faster when working with large projects.
  • You can use the TextAlign property to more easily set the alignment for web text controls.
  • Added SecureAuth property to MySQLDatabase to allow connections to pre-4.1.1 authentication protocols.

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