Xojo Adds Support For Building Apps For Linux ARM 64

Latest release of Xojo programming language and IDE adds enhancements to Linux support, as well as improvements for building Web applications.

AUSTIN, Texas (December 13, 2022) — Xojo, Inc., developers of Xojo, a cross-platform application development environment for macOS, Windows, Linux, Web, Raspberry Pi, iOS and soon Android, today announced the immediate release of Xojo 2022 Release 4. This latest update adds 250+ improvements, including the ability to build applications for Linux ARM 64, as well as Linux Dark Mode support for Xojo. It also includes more than 100 bug fixes to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Framework, increasing quality and reliability, and 18 new features.

A benefit of using Xojo for application development is that it abstracts developers from having to learn the low level nuances of each operating system. As a result, in order to build apps for Linux ARM 64, developers need to re-compile their applications using the current release with no code changes. They can now create 64-bit native apps on Raspberry Pi 3+ and Pi Zero 2+ running Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit. They can also develop 64-bit native apps on Linux ARM 64 servers, like AWS Graviton.

One of the new features added in Xojo 2022 Release 4 is that the Web Listbox now uses WYSIWYG in the Layout Editor, making it easy for developers to see how the control will look when it is running in a web browser. Added Travis Hill, Xojo’s Director of Engineering, “This year a lot of exciting improvements have been added to Xojo's web framework. The Listbox control is really popular and used in many web applications, so making it more WYSIWYG enables Xojo developers to enjoy faster development through more reliable layouts.”

“Keeping things consistent across platforms has always been a priority and something we consider when supporting new frameworks and functionality," noted Founder and CEO Geoff Perlman. "With this latest release we continue to realize this goal as we bring ARM 64 support to Linux as well as Dark Mode support for apps running on Linux."

Summary of major changes for Xojo 2022 Release 4:

  • 100+ bug fixes for the IDE and framework
  • Ability to build applications for Linux ARM 64
  • Dark Mode support for Linux
  • WYSIWYG display for WebListBox in Layout Editor
  • SQLite updated to 3.39.4, which has JSON support


Xojo is free to use for learning and development. A license is required to build your applications. Pricing begins at $149 for building for a single desktop platform. Building cross-platform desktop, iOS or web applications is $399. Xojo Pro and Pro Plus packages are available from $799 and up, offering increased support and resources for professional developers. For information on pricing and licensing options, please visit

About Xojo

Xojo is a rapid application development environment for the desktop, web, iOS and Raspberry Pi that includes a drag-and-drop GUI builder, compiler, debugger and the powerful Xojo programming language. Desktop development with Xojo is cross-platform, so you can develop for macOS, Windows and Linux from your preferred platform. Xojo has been in development for more than 25 years and is used globally by professional developers, citizen developers, hobbyists and students. Xojo 2022 Release 4 is available for download at

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