Press Release

Xojo Powers Popular eBook Publishing Solution, PubCoder

Latest update adds enhancements to IDE functionality, web support and documentation

AUSTIN, Texas, USA (May 22, 2014) — Xojo, Inc., creator of multi-platform development tool, Xojo, today announced that PubCoder, a highly recommended e-publishing solution, is developed in Xojo. Italy-based developer, Angelo Scicolone had a long-time interest in understanding how things work. He started programming at an early age and after discovering Xojo, he began to sell shareware for Mac that was reviewed in MacWorld, MacUser, MacAddict, MacLIFE, and more. Scicolone later developed PubCoder, which is a desktop application that allows you to create highly interactive ebooks for any platform, in every language.

"When ebooks first started they were simply the translation of the paper text to electronic format, but with a new medium comes a number of new possibilities," commented Scicolone. "We had a chance to invent an all-new kind of medium, where pictures, video, audio and the interactivity with the user are not simply add-ons to the words, but where interactivity and layout is at least as important as the words in the book."

PubCoder lets you create a highly interactive book without even writing a single line of code, so users do not need to know how to program. But, if they know how to write XHTML, CSS, or Javascript code, PubCoder allows them to use their skills to enrich their books even more. So everyone who wants to create and self-publish a book can do it with PubCoder: authors, illustrators, graphics, developers, but also parents who want to quickly create a story or a photo-album for their children.

"As a small team, we needed a development environment that allowed us to rapidly produce high performance, native and cross-platform code," offered Scicolone. "Xojo simply was a natural, no-compromise choice."

"Delivering multi-platform applications is increasingly important to today’s developers and Xojo allows them to deliver native applications for Windows, OS X, Linux, the web and web-mobile from one set of source code," commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo Founder and CEO. "Applications like Pubcoder are a great example of what Xojo does best - empower the developer to focus on what makes their application unique while letting Xojo handle all of the unique platform details."

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