Press Release

Announcing Xojo, Faster Development for the Web and Desktop

Release includes all new IDE, support for Cocoa on OS X, improved web support, new user guide, examples, tutorials and a free Introduction to Programming textbook.

AUSTIN, TX, USA (June 4, 2013) -- Xojo, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Xojo 2013 Release 1, the faster development tool for web and desktop apps. Xojo is a cross-platform, object-oriented software development tool that enables developers of all backgrounds to create high-quality, powerful applications for the desktop (OS X, Windows and Linux), web and soon, mobile. Currently serving more than 150,000 users worldwide, Xojo is the perfect development environment for both the professional programmer and the novice looking to learn how to create their own software.

Using Xojo, developers drag and drop the user interface and use one simple, straight-forward programming language to implement the functionality of their app. On both the desktop and the web, the developer is abstracted from the specific platform details, letting them focus on what makes their application unique. More specifically, on the desktop, developers can experience true cross-platform development in that they can create their app on OS X and deliver it to Windows users.

For the web, Xojo takes a unique approach, avoiding the complexities of traditional web technologies such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and AJAX. Using Xojo, developers create web applications in the same way and with the same language they use to create desktop applications resulting in dramatically faster development. And because Xojo compiles applications to machine code, the resulting web applications are very secure.

“Xojo makes creating high quality, powerful applications available to all levels of developers,” commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo, Inc. Founder and CEO. “Using one development tool and one single, powerful programming language developers are able to create and deliver solutions for OS X, Windows, Linux and the web. This enables professional developers to save time and make more money, while also expanding the possible target market for commercial software developers.”

"Xojo’s language and operating model allow for rapid prototyping of app ideas," commented Sam Rowlands, Lead Developer for Ohanaware, makers of Shine (currently in the Mac App Store). "Xojo’s language & toolset are very quick to use, and at the same time provide the functionality that allow us to deliver exceptional applications of a high quality, that our customers literarily love."

"Xojo gives me the power to create applications that compete with (and in some cases are better than) applications built by a team of developers using other development toolkits," continued Rowlands.

Xojo 2013 Release 1 includes:

  • An all new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is easier and more intuitive than ever before
  • Significant web support performance optimizations and improvements to the Web Control SDK
  • Cocoa is now the default OS X build setting and Xojo itself is now a Cocoa app built with Xojo 2013r1
  • Improved support for Linux Ubuntu 12
  • All new documentation, new Quick Start Guides for Desktop and Web applications, an all-new Tutorial and improved examples
  • A free Introduction to Programming (Using Xojo) textbook that is great for students learning general programming concepts as well as object-oriented programming
In addition to all of these great new Xojo features, Xojo, Inc. will soon launch their Xojo Cloud, one-click app hosting service. Xojo Cloud abstracts developers from the low level, complicated process of setting up and configuring a web server, implementing security measures, creating backups and more by doing all of the hard stuff behind the scenes. Xojo Cloud hosting packages will start at $49/month.

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