Press Release

Xojo, Inc. Announces One-Click Database Support for Xojo Cloud

Xojo and Xojo Cloud combine to enable developers to easily create and rapidly deploy web applications with one-click, while taking advantage of built-in security measures, automatic backups and zero maintenance.

Austin, TX USA (February 17, 2015) — Xojo, Inc. announced that beginning today, Xojo Cloud includes one-click database server support. Xojo Cloud boasts ease of use, extreme security and is maintenance-free, so developers can focus on the functionality of their application and not worry about the complicated details of configuring their own server.

Xojo Cloud is available for exclusive use with applications developed in Xojo, a multi-platform object-oriented development environment. Once ready to deploy, developers click a button in Xojo that automatically connects to Xojo Cloud and launches their web browser with the application running - there is no setup required.

Unlike most hosting services that come with no additional security, Xojo Cloud comes with industrial-strength security at no additional cost and this security protects all databases used with it. Xojo Cloud’s security features an adaptive firewall that dynamically monitors all traffic and attempts to tell the difference between your users and someone trying to break-in. It has intrusion detection that watches for unusual activity. It also includes file change detection to see if any files have been modified and also has Security-Enhanced Linux to help protect the OS itself from being hacked.

“Adding database support to Xojo Cloud has been our number one feature request and we are pleased to deliver,” commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo, Inc. Founder and CEO. “Most web applications store data in a database so having a database server available in Xojo Cloud is extraordinarily important. It’s even better because it resides behind our industrial-strength security. And, while you can use this feature with a web app you can also use the database server for desktop and iOS apps as well, giving you an extremely secure database integrated into your application.”

“I am having a blast with Xojo Cloud; it’s so much easier than deploying to my own VPS,” commented Tony Barry of Westmead Research Services. “I also really like the emphasis on security, this is a huge plus point for me. The security of web-based software is a really big issue that is all too frequently just ignored.”

This latest release of Xojo Cloud includes:

  • One click to configure a database server on Xojo Cloud server
  • Databases available are PostgreSQL and/or MySQL
  • Database access available on 1GB server configuration and larger
  • SSH tunnel for database management is included
  • Database server access comes at no additional cost

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