Press Release

Xojo, Inc. Announces Two New Xojo Cloud Data Centers For Fast and Secure Deployment of Web Applications

Xojo and Xojo Cloud combine to enable developers to easily create and rapidly deploy web applications with one-click, while taking advantage of built-in security measures, automatic backups and more.

Austin, TX, USA (September 23, 2014) — Xojo, Inc. announced today the launch of new global data centers for Xojo Cloud, their one-click cloud deployment solution for web applications. Xojo Cloud is available for exclusive use with web apps developed in Xojo, a multi-platform object-oriented development environment. Once ready to deploy, developers click a button in Xojo that automatically connects to Xojo Cloud and launches their web browser with the application running - there is no setup required. Xojo handles all of the back end security, implements backups and more, so you don’t have to worry about configuring a server and can focus on making your application unique.

For faster access and increased response time, Xojo Cloud now offers four global data centers, with locations in Chicago and London, and now, Sydney and Hong Kong.

“We continue to make Xojo Cloud the easy-to-use, secure solution for web application deployment,” stated Geoff Perlman, Xojo Inc. Founder and CEO. “By expanding to offer additional global data centers we’re making it easier for our users to deliver a faster and improved experience to their end users.”

Unlike most hosting services that come with no additional security, Xojo Cloud comes with industrial-strength security at no additional cost. It includes an adaptive firewall that dynamically monitors all traffic and attempts to tell the difference between your users and someone trying to break-in. It includes intrusion detection that watches for unusual activity. It includes file change detection to see if any files have been modified and also has Security-Enhanced Linux to help protect the OS itself from being hacked. Now you can experience this security with even greater speed with the opening of the Sydney and Hong Kong data centers.

“I had to deploy my app to a VPS using another hosting provider and it was not a pleasant task, but with one click I deployed to Xojo Cloud and it just worked! The fact they now have a data center in my backyard will make my app perform even better,” commented Tony Barry of Westmead Research Services in Sydney, Australia.

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